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Having a great looking, easy to update website can be an excellent tool for bringing new patients through the door. It can also be a way to manage existing patients. In an expertly designed website, there should be a clear Call To Action (CTA). Many clinic business owners know what a CTA is, but without being an expert in marketing, it's not always clear what the CTA should be. At Remedy Sites, we recommend to nearly all of our clients that their primary Call To Action should be to book an appointment through Jane App.

Why Jane App?

Life doesn't revolve around clinic operating hours

Life doesn't begin when clinics open their doors in the morning, and it doesn't end once they're closed for the day. So why restrict your patients to that small window? What happens when your patient begins to have pain on a Friday night, and your clinic doesn't open until Monday? Without online booking, they have to wait until Monday, at which point they may not even be able to get in until Tuesday or even later. That is a long time to endure pain. While some clinics can be flexible and get this patient in as soon as possible, it may not always be practical. According to Jane, 40% of online booking is done off-hours (and one of the peak online booking times is 11 pm!). That's a lot of potential patients going to a practice that is better equipped to serve them during off-hours.

Not just online booking

Jane App has built full-service Practice Management Software that includes payment processing, insurance management, and charting. Depending on where you live, real estate is a significant factor in determining a clinic's location. Wasting precious physical space on a charting room is an expense you could spare yourself from by using Jane's robust charting system that works not just on your desktop computer, but your tablet and mobile devices so you can take your diagrams and progress reports into the room for an enhanced patient experience.

They understand the fundamental value of good user experience

At Remedy Sites, we are continually striving toward designing and developing the best user experience possible. We do this because we know health practitioners have better things to be doing with their time than working with unintuitive, frustrating software. We feel like we know our stuff when it comes to designing a great user experience, and we have a high degree of respect for the skill and knowledge they put toward their user experience craft.
When selecting your practice management software, or any software, for that matter, you need to think about who the end user is and how that reflects on you as a practitioner, a clinic owner, an employer/manager, and most of all, a health care provider. With the ability to put your branding on the booking page, Jane has got you covered. At Remedy Sites, we can help you design your Jane App booking page to flow seamlessly with your Jane App booking page. Not only that but with its robust feature set that is designed for a wide array of discipline, the different types of practitioners (if any) in your clinic will be able to integrate Jane into their workflow. To top it all off, Jane hasn't forgotten about your admin staff! They work closely with all levels of clinic staff to ensure that your support team has a great experience as well.

Single practitioner or multi-site clinic, Jane is designed for you

Whether you're a solo practitioner on a small budget or a group of dozens of practitioners, Jane has pricing that works for whatever size you might be. Best of all, if you're ever unsatisfied with Jane App, they have built-in data liberation, meaning you can switch to any of their competition and still retain all of your charting, payments, booking data, and more. At Remedy Sites, we see Jane as the best online tool for clinics and health practitioners everywhere — and we make sure your website ties in with your practice management software in a way that makes the most sense for your health practice. This app makes that tie-in a dream, and we highly recommend Jane to any health practitioner.

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